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Kentucky Energy Summit

Thursday, October 11, 2007
(in celebration of CAER's 30th Anniversary)
Lexington Convention Center - Lexington, Kentucky
Scheduled to begin at 8:00 am
Cost: $30.00 (includes lunch)
Open to the public

Philip Gibson

Sasol Technology Research & Development
Manager Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis Research
Energy Summit Topic: Coal to Liquids at Sasol

Philip Gibson

Presentation Abstract:
Coal reserves represent a significant part of the world’s energy resources. Unlike oil, coal reserves are distributed geographically more in proportion to where economic activity takes place. The growing need for energy security, read demand for transportation fuel, calls for an objective evaluation of coal liquefaction technologies. Sasol in South Africa has been active in the field of indirect coal liquefaction via the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process for more than 50 yrs and has produced in excess of 1.5 billion bbls of synthetic fuels and chemicals from our proprietary FT-technologies. The presentation positions CTL (Coal to Liquids) in terms of the world energy landscape and gives an overview of Sasol's technologies, their benefits and challenges.

Philip Gibson is the manager at the Fischer-Tropsch Catalysis Research Center at Sasol Technology Research & Development located in Sasolburg in South Africa. In 1989, he graduated with a MSc graduate degree in Physical Chemistry from University of Johannesburg and joined Sasol's Corporate R & D facility in 1992. He served as a visiting scientist to the Institute for Technical & Petroleum Chemistry located in Aachen, Germany from 1994 to 1995. His research areas include: